Origin of Cacao
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How to prepare a traditional Cacao drink like our Ancestors from Ecuador

We are a small team of Cacao Artist

We started as a multicultural family from Ecuador and Colombia, migrants in Scotland, seeking a deeper connection with our own roots, following a healing call.

After finding different Cacao brands selling ceremonial Cacao from Ecuador, outside of our native land we understood we needed to travel to the origin of Cacao to find our team to expand a medicine that is so powerful, so sensitive, so needed.

Our journey began in 2021, and from then we've been working towards coherence to offer you a single Origin Cacao of the best standards.

Originated in Esmeraldas Ecuador. Our Ancient Cacao trees are lovingly taken care of by Hector and Magdalena. They also take care of the post-harvesting process.

Then, our Cacao seeds arrive at our Shamanic Cacao Lab to be further processed.

The process could not be completed without the presence of Sacred Slowl Fire and Wood to activate even more our Cacao Seeds with the roasting process.

It is the Alchemy of the four elements which creates an authentic Medicinal Cacao paste.

We work only with endemic Cacao species coming from an analog agroecological farm.

No monocultures or artificial fertilizers are part of our production process.

We are so proud to offer you medicine from the middle of our world: from latitude O° O' O'' ancient medicine to heal hearts and support overall balance.

Ancient medicine

Our people are what make us unique. Rather than outsourcing the post-harvesting process to a factory, we provide them with an environment that supports their committed professional growth.

Hector and Magdalena, inheritors and protectors of our Cacao trees. We choose to work with them since February 2023 rather than delegating this part of Cacao paste production as we used to do before. Their energetic awareness and ancient wisdom inspire us to co-create day by day.

They understand and practice, for a medicine to be a medicine, not many hands should be manipulating the trees. More hands imply more energy. For a Master Plant profoundly sensitive as Cacao is, being manipulated by many hands can affect not only the trees but the overall quality of the medicine that is produced.

Esther Bryce

Founder / Interior designer

woman in black blazer with brown hair
woman in black blazer with brown hair
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